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Crysis Remastered System Requirements


  • CPU: Intel Core i5-3450 / AMD Ryzen 3
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • VIDEO CARD: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti / AMD Radeon 470

Crysis Remastered System Requirements


  • CPU: Intel Core i5-7600k or higher / AMD Ryzen 5 or higher
  • RAM: 12 GB
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • VIDEO CARD: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti / AMD Radeon Vega 56

Crysis Remastered Game Details

Crysis Remastered is a first-person shooter video game series created by Crytek. The series revolves around a group of military protagonists with “nanosuits”, technologically advanced suits of armor that give them enhanced physical strength, speed, defense, and cloaking abilities. The protagonists face off against hostile North Korean soldiers, heavily armed mercenaries, and a race of technologically advanced aliens known as the Ceph, who arrived on Earth millions of years ago and have recently been awakened. The series consists of three main installments, a standalone spinoff of the first game with a separate multiplayer title, and a compilation. A fourth game, under the working title of Crysis 4, was announced by Crytek on January 26, 2022.

Crysis 2 Remastered is a first-person shooter video game developed by Crytek, published by Electronic Arts and released in North America, Australia and Europe in March 2011 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Officially announced on June 1, 2009, the game is the second main installment of the Crysis series, and a sequel to the 2007 video game Crysis, and its expansion Crysis Warhead. The story was written by Richard Morgan, while Peter Watts was consulted and wrote a novel adaptation of the game. It was the first game to showcase the CryEngine 3 game engine and the first game using the engine to be released on consoles. A sequel, Crysis 3, was released in 2013. A remastered version, titled Crysis 2 Remastered and following in the steps of Crysis Remastered, was released in 2021 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, and also bundled as part of the Crysis Remastered Trilogy compilation.


After Helena Rosenthal sends a distress signal saying the North Koreans are invading the seemingly unimportant island on which her team is working, the US government dispatches Raptor Team, a group of nanosuit-clad soldiers. After arriving on the island, however, Raptor Team’s ranks are thinned by mysterious flying creatures, eventually leaving only Nomad, Psycho, and Prophet, who is subsequently kidnapped by the organisms later called the Ceph. Nomad rescues Helena but is eventually trapped in the alien ship after it unleashes an “ice sphere” on the island, freezing a great deal of the island. Nomad escapes the island with Helena and an oddly-behaving Prophet, and returns to the US carrier fleet, where he finds Psycho. Prophet returns to the island, which is subsequently nuked in the attempt to kill the aliens. However, they only grow stronger from the energy. The aliens launch a massive attack on the carrier fleet, successfully destroying it. Nomad, Psycho, and Helena escape and receive a distress signal from the still-alive Prophet, and decide to return to the island.

Characters in Crysis use nanosuits, advanced powered exoskeletons developed by the U.S. military that grants them special abilities through dedicated “modes”, as well as the ability to switch between them at will. Nanosuit’s “armor mode” enhances the suit’s ability to withstand bullet and shrapnel impacts, “strength mode” greatly enhances the wearer’s physical strength, to the point of being able to punch cars through the air; and “speed mode” allows the wearer to run and act extremely fast. Lastly, “cloak mode” activates the suit’s optical cloaking device that makes the wearer near-invisible.

The first two games, Crysis and Crysis Warhead, take place in 2020 on the fictional Lingshan Islands, off the Philippines. The protagonists of both games both belong to the fictitious “Raptor Team”, a United States Army Delta Force unit that is sent to the island to investigate aggressive behavior by North Korea. The player uses various weapons, including traditional projectile weapons like handguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles (all of which can be modified with scopes and attachments in real-time), as well as explosives and the nanosuit’s natural abilities. Multiplayer gameplay modes introduce fictional futuristic weapons based on the ice technology introduced by the alien antagonists who are later found to reside on the island. In single-player, Raptor Team faces off against both the North Korean military and these alien foes.

Crysis 2, the sequel to the original game, takes place in 2023 in New York City. The protagonist is a new character, a U.S. Marine named Alcatraz. The nanosuit in the game (dubbed “Nanosuit 2”) is a streamlined version of the original, without separate “strength” and “speed” modes, rather performing context-sensitive acts of enhanced strength or agility, but retaining the separate “armor” and “cloak” modes.

Crysis 2 is a first-person shooter. The player assumes the role of a Force Recon Marine called Alcatraz. Similar to its predecessor, it provides freedom to customize weaponry and abilities. Crytek wanted to avoid making another game set in a true jungle environment (as were Far Cry and Crysis); New York City has been dubbed an “urban jungle”. The urban atmosphere offers new options with relation to progressing and planning attacks. Players are able to navigate between floors and buildings, as well as a destroyed cityscape.


The player assumes the control of a Force Recon Marine named “Alcatraz”, who gains ownership of the Nanosuit 2.0 from Army Delta Force officer Laurence “Prophet” Barnes, who returns from the original Crysis. CryNet Systems has been hunting Prophet to retrieve the suit, inadvertently pursuing Alcatraz, believing he is Prophet. The aliens seen in the original game have undergone a major redesigning, abandoning the ancient, tentacled exosuits seen in the first game for high-tech humanoid armored war machines that stalk Alcatraz through the ravaged New York City. Crytek stated prior to release that their intention was to surpass the original game graphically and gameplay-wise while also having lower system requirements and also supporting true stereoscopic 3D.

The new Nanosuit supports new and upgraded features. Suit functionality has been streamlined; multiple modes can easily be used simultaneously whenever the user wishes. The first suit’s Strength and Speed Modes have been combined into the new Power Mode, the suit binoculars function has been upgraded with an advanced Tactical mode, the Cloaking Device has been modified to allow increased sensory input and silent melee stealth kills and has been renamed to Stealth Mode, while the Armor Mode has been left more or less as is, with the exception of slightly restricted agility and an ever-decreasing energy level. There are two trailers, with one trailer showing the suit in a wire-frame state, the other showing the suit in a complete state. In-fiction, the suit is to feature many improvements over its predecessor, giving soldiers freedom to upgrade their suits based on their own style of combat.


On August 23, 2023, a United States Marine Corps Force Recon unit is deployed into New York City to extract former Crynet employee Doctor Nathan Gould, who may have vital information on combating the Ceph, the alien race that is trying to destroy humanity. However, the Ceph sink the submarine transporting the unit, killing everyone but Force Recon Marine “Alcatraz”, who is left mortally wounded. United States Army Delta Force Major Laurence “Prophet” Barnes saves Alcatraz and kills himself to allow his Nanosuit to assimilate and revive Alcatraz. In a recording, Prophet reveals that he had been infected by the Manhattan virus, and asks Alcatraz to continue his work against the Ceph. Believing Alcatraz is Prophet, Gould contacts Alcatraz and asks him to meet up at Gould’s lab. CELL forces, led by Commander Dominic Lockhart, attack Alcatraz, believing him to be Prophet.

On his way to Gould’s laboratory, Alcatraz collects tissue samples from the Ceph, which cause strange reactions within his Nanosuit. Alcatraz meets with Gould, who becomes aware of Prophet’s death, and explains that the suit has been rewriting its own code after absorbing the Ceph’s tissue. He speculates that the suit is creating an antibody for the Manhattan virus, and they decide to scan more samples at a Crynet base on Wall Street. The scans are cut short when CELL forces led by Lockhart and Lieutenant Tara Strickland ambush them.

As they attempt to transfer Alcatraz to their headquarters, the Ceph attack the CELL personnel. Additionally, a massive alien spire rises from the underground, releasing a spore-based bioweapon that kills most CELL troops in the area. Alcatraz’s nanosuit further adapts the spores, but malfunctions, and is rebooted remotely by Crynet director and Hargreave-Rasch Biotechnologies co-founder Jacob Hargreave. Hargreave contacts Alcatraz, claiming to have knowledge of the Ceph, and to have designed the Nanosuit based on stolen Ceph technology to be used as a defense against the aliens. Hargreave directs Alcatraz to another Ceph spire to conduct an experiment for him.

On the way, Hargreave reveals to Alcatraz that the Manhattan virus had been spread by the Ceph, to clear out the entire human population from Earth. The Manhattan virus would cause all infected humans to melt down into a liquidated mass, which could then be stored and disposed of. Upon reaching the alien spire, Alcatraz attempts to interface the Nanosuit’s systems with the aliens’ technology, but fails. Meanwhile, the US Department of Defense rescinds CELL’s authority over Manhattan and deploys US Marines in their place under the command of Marine Colonel Sherman Barclay. The American forces order an air strike on the city’s flood barrier, in an attempt to drown the aliens out of lower Manhattan. Washed away by the resulting wave of water, Alcatraz is found in Madison Square Park by a squad led by Alcatraz’s squadmate Chino, who survived the submarine’s destruction. The Marines enlist his aid in evacuating civilians to Grand Central Terminal, the city’s primary evacuation point.

Hargreave asks Alcatraz to take a detour to the Hargreave-Rasch building, to find a stabilizing agent to facilitate the Nanosuit’s analyzing process. Ceph interference causes this to fail, with Hargreave telling Alcatraz to help evacuation efforts at Grand Central. At the terminal, Alcatraz is reunited with Gould, who had somehow escaped Strickland. Grand Central is overrun by Ceph forces, but Alcatraz holds them off long enough for the evacuation to succeed, and he escapes the building.

Alcatraz is tasked with defending another evacuation point at Times Square, and this time manages to repurpose the alien spores to be lethal to the Ceph, destroying all Ceph in the area. With the evacuation complete, Gould instructs Alcatraz to head to Roosevelt Island, to infiltrate a Crynet complex named “The Prism”, where Hargreave resides. Alcatraz foils Lockhart’s attempts to ambush him, and kills him in the process. However, he is then betrayed and captured by Hargreave, who wants the Nanosuit for himself, to continue the mission in person. Hargreave attempts to remove the Nanosuit from Alcatraz’s body, but the Nanosuit resists its removal, having assimilated with Alcatraz. Alcatraz is then rescued by Strickland, who reveals herself to be an undercover CIA operative responsible for Alcatraz’s deployment. Strickland instructs Alcatraz to capture Hargreave.

In Hargreave’s private office, Alcatraz discovers Hargreave’s body in a vegetative state stored in a cryonic chamber. Hargreave reveals to Alcatraz that he had been communicating with him through an advanced computer system, having been injured in an encounter with the Ceph at Tunguska. Hargreave gives Alcatraz a Nanosuit upgrade, allowing it to fully interface with the Ceph, as the Ceph invade the island. Hargreave triggers the self-destruct system of the complex, and orders the remaining CELL forces to aid Alcatraz exfiltration. Alcatraz escapes the complex, and reunites with Gould, Strickland and Chino on the shores of Manhattan.

Alcatraz is notified by Barclay that the US Department of Defense plans to launch a STRATCOM Tactical Nuclear Strike on Manhattan Island. Thus, Alcatraz has a short period of time to end the conflict with the Ceph before the missile is launched. Alcatraz and his comrades make their way toward the center of the alien infestation, and spot a massive alien “litho-ship” rising out of the ground beneath Central Park. Alcatraz assaults the floating section of Central Park, and makes his way to the alien spire at its center, which serves as a dispersal point for the alien spores. Alcatraz successfully turns the spire’s bio-weapon against the Ceph, causing the death of all the Ceph in the city.

After some days, the city begins to recover with the help of Gould, Strickland, and the US Military. Alcatraz, while unconscious, communicates with Prophet, whose memories, experiences, and personality had been stored in the suit. Prophet tells Alcatraz that, while the mission in New York is a success, the Ceph, who had been present on Earth since prehistoric times, had built constructs globally. The Nanosuit then assimilates Prophet’s memories into Alcatraz. The Nanosuit then receives a broadcast from Karl Rasch, the other founder of Hargreave-Rasch Biotechnologies, asking for his name. Alcatraz replies: “They call me Prophet.”


Crysis 2 was announced at E3 2009 on June 1, 2009, and was in development from 2007. Crysis 2 is the sequel to 2007’s Crysis which was lauded for its impressive visuals. German-based studio Crytek, which developed the first game, is the lead developer of the sequel, along with help from Crytek UK, formerly Free Radical. It is the first game using the new engine CryEngine 3. The Microsoft Windows version is built on DirectX 9, with an optional DirectX 11 add-on. Crytek looked to surpass the original Crysis, which was still a benchmark of PC graphical performance in 2011.

Crysis 2 did not use EA’s online pass system. On April 14, 2014, Crytek announced that the multiplayer mode for Microsoft Windows will be unplayable after GameSpy switches off its servers on May 30, 2014.

Leaked beta

A beta version of the game dated from January was leaked on multiple torrent sites on February 11, 2011. Online reports indicated that the leaked beta is a partially functioning developer’s build compiled on January 13, 2011. The leaked version included the entire single-player campaign and multiplayer component, but contained numerous bugs, was plagued by frequent crashes, and was only partially completed with many placeholders and textures missing and was limited to DirectX 9, rather than the DirectX 11 which was expected in the retail game. Crytek released a statement saying they were “deeply disappointed” in piracy, which “continues to damage the PC packaged goods market.” Some reviewers remarked that Crytek’s statement was strange, considering that no PC demo of the game had been released yet, and moreover, the source of the leaked beta was almost certainly an internal employee (rather than pirates). On February 14, 2011, Crytek released a statement by Cevat Yerli that stated that despite their disappointment caused by the leak incident, Crytek is overwhelmed with the support they have received and they can assure the community that PC gaming is very important to them now and in the future.


A remastered version, following in the steps of Crysis Remastered, was announced on May 21, 2021. It was released for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows on October 15, 2021, both as a bundle with Crysis Remastered and Crysis 3 Remastered, titled Crysis Remastered Trilogy, and separately. This version of the game was co-developed with Saber Interactive and is self-published by Crytek.

Crysis Remastered Download Files 

  • fg-01.bin (9.3 GB)
  • fg-02.bin (494.0 MB)
  • fg-03.bin (314.3 MB)
  • fg-04.bin (52.9 MB)
  • fg-optional-bonus-content.bin (133.4 MB)
  • fg-selective-chinese.bin (128.6 MB)
  • fg-selective-english-polish-czech.bin (127.0 MB)
  • fg-selective-french.bin (105.6 MB)
  • fg-selective-german.bin (98.7 MB)
  • fg-selective-italian.bin (109.7 MB)
  • fg-selective-japanese.bin (98.7 MB)
  • fg-selective-russian.bin (106.1 MB)
  • fg-selective-spanish.bin (108.6 MB)
  • fg-selective-turkish.bin (113.9 MB)


Crysis Remastered - Game Free Download đŸ“„ - Gamingwap

File Size 12 GB

Crysis Remastered - Game Free Download đŸ“„ - Gamingwap

File Size 12 GB

Crysis Remastered - Game Free Download đŸ“„ - Gamingwap

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Crysis Remastered - Game Free Download đŸ“„ - Gamingwap

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Crysis Remastered - Game Free Download đŸ“„ - Gamingwap

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Crysis Remastered - Game Free Download đŸ“„ - Gamingwap

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