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Kingdom Come Deliverance System Requirements


  • CPU: Intel CPU Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz, AMD CPU Phenom II X4 940
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • OS: OS 64-bit Windows 7 or 64-bit Windows 8 (8.1)
  • VIDEO CARD: Nvidia GPU GeForce GTX 660, AMD GPU Radeon HD 7870
  • SOUND CARD: Integrated

Kingdom Come Deliverance System Requirements


  • CPU: Intel CPU Core i7 3770 3,4 GHz, AMD CPU AMD FX-8350 4 GHz
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • OS: OS 64-bit Windows 7 or 64-bit Windows 8 (8.1)
  • VIDEO CARD: Nvidia GPU GeForce GTX 1060, AMD GPU Radeon RX 580
  • SOUND CARD: Integrated

Kingdom Come Deliverance Game Details

Kingdom Come: DeliveranceĀ is a 2018Ā action role-playingĀ video game developed and published byĀ Warhorse StudiosĀ and co-published byĀ Deep SilverĀ forĀ Microsoft Windows,Ā PlayStation 4, andĀ Xbox One. It is set in the medievalĀ Kingdom of Bohemia, anĀ Imperial StateĀ of theĀ Holy Roman Empire, with a focus on historically accurate content.

The story takes place during a war inĀ BohemiaĀ in 1403, in the times of KingĀ Wenceslaus IV. On the orders ofĀ HungarianĀ kingĀ Sigismund, half-brother of Wenceslaus,Ā CumanĀ mercenaries raid the mining village ofĀ Skalitz, a major source ofĀ silver. One of the survivors of the resulting massacre is Henry, the son of a blacksmith. Destitute and vengeful, Henry joins the service of LordĀ Radzig Kobyla, who leads a resistance movement against Sigismund’s invasion. As Henry pursues justice for his murdered family, he becomes involved in an effort to restore Bohemia’s rightful king and Sigismund’s half-brother, Wenceslaus IV, to the throne. The game features branching quest lines, anĀ open worldĀ environment, and period-accurate weapons, clothing, combat techniques, and architecture (recreated with the assistance of architects and historians), which encourages immersive gameplay.

The game received generally positive reviews. Critics praised the story, attention to detail, and focus on realism, while criticism was aimed at technical bugs.


Kingdom Come: DeliveranceĀ is an actionĀ role-playing gameĀ set in anĀ open-worldĀ environment and played from aĀ first-person perspective. It utilizes a classless role-playing system, allowing the player to customize their skills to take on roles such as warrior, bard, thief, or a hybrid of these. Abilities and stats grow depending on what the player does and says through branched dialogue trees. During conversations, the time a player takes to make a decision is limited and has an effect on their relationships with others. Reputation is based on player choices and therefore can bring consequences.

Character bodies and faces are created through the combination of multiple, individual pieces with finishing touches. The clothing system features 16 item slots and items on many areas of the body that can be layered. For example, a heavily armored knight may on his upper body wear aĀ gambeson, followed byĀ mailĀ andĀ plate armour, with aĀ tabardĀ orĀ surcoatĀ over top, for a total of four clothing items in the chest slots. Each clothing type provides different levels of protection against different types of weapons. Clothing also gets progressively more worn, dirty, or bloody through use, affecting the character’s appearance. The player is able to use a variety of weapons, including swords, knives, axes, hammers, and bows. Horses are featured heavily in the game, and are designed to act with their ownĀ AIĀ while under the player’s control, moving or jumping to avoid small obstacles or dangers. The player can also fight from horseback and use their steed to carry items if they need additional inventory space, but warhorses are also competent combatants with their own AI. Steeds come with five slots for armor and attachments.

Kingdom Come: DeliveranceĀ also features a needs system which requires the player to sleep and eat in order to stay healthy. Equipment and clothing also degrade and require repair. Foodstuffs and other perishable items will spoil over time. The game uses skill/stat-based mini-games for many of these tasks, including weapon and armor repair, as well as for gathering new items by picking locks or pockets, distilling alcohol, or creating medicines. The game uses long- and short-ranged weapons in combat which is based on a physics system usingĀ inverse kinematicsĀ to determine the reactions of both combatants based on the speed and weight of a blow. This system aims to add greater variety and realism to the combat, coupled with a variety of basic combat moves and combination moves, some of which can be unlocked by skill points. Different weapons have different characteristics, making them useful for different purposes. For example, a sword is a quick weapon for striking and parrying, but is not very effective against heavy armor.

QuestsĀ are intended to beĀ nonlinear, with multiple ways to complete objectives to allow multiple character types to be viable. The storyline features some large-scale events such as castle sieges and large battles. EveryĀ non-player characterĀ (NPC) has a daily routine, and every routine can be affected by the player. Characters are able to react to all player actions and adjust their routines to them. NPCs will report crimes to authorities, who will punish the player accordingly, either with a fine or time in jail. Crime will affect economics and people will get suspicious or aggressive after unresolved crimes.


In the silver mining town of Skalitz, young Henry is a simpleĀ apprenticeĀ living with his mother and hisĀ blacksmithĀ father, Martin, during a period of turmoil in theĀ Kingdom of BohemiaĀ after King Wenceslaus was captured and held captive in Vienna by his half-brother King Sigismund of Croatia and Hungary. In December 1402 Sigismundā€™s army seized and sacked the important town of Kuttenberg, north-west of Skalitz and the principal economic center of the region. On 28 March 1403, Henry and Martin are putting the finishing touches on a commissioned sword for King Wenceslaus’Ā hetman, SirĀ Radzig Kobyla, who visit them to admire the sword with his guest, Hungarian nobleman Sir IstvĆ”n TĆ³th, when Skalitz is attacked by an army ofĀ CumanĀ soldiers under Sigismund’s command. Sigismund’sĀ adjutant, German nobleman Sir Markvart von Aulitz, kills Henry’s parents as Henry flees to the nearest castle of Talmberg to warn its lord, SirĀ Divish, of the attack. Taking advantage of a storm that causes the Hungarian army to retreat on the hills above Skalitz to take cover from the rain, Sir Radzig sneaks the survivors out of Skalitz castle and leads them to Rattay.

On the next morning Sigismundā€™s army appears in front of Talmbergā€™s walls and Sir Markvart von Aulitz parleys with Sir Divish in order to try to know if Sir Radzig is hiding inside Talmberg, but Sir Divish lies and answer that he doesnā€™t know where Radzig is. Sigismundā€™s army leaves the region. Meanwhile, Henry is devastated that his parents have not beenĀ properly buried, and sneaks back to Skalitz against Divish’s orders. Henry is then confronted by a group of bandits, instigated by fellow Skalitz survivor Zbyshek who has profited from the absence of Sigismundā€™s army to loot the town; their leader, Runt, defeats him in a duel and steals the commissioned sword. Henry’s life is saved by another Skalitz survivor, Theresa, and Talmberg’s Captain Robard and his guard, who take him to Rattay where Henry is harboured by the local miller Peshek, Theresaā€™s uncle.

Seeking to recover his father’s sword and avenge his parents, Henry enters the service of SirĀ Hanush of Leipa, acting Lord of Rattay andĀ guardianĀ to his young nephew, LordĀ Hans Capon. Henry and Lord Capon brawl with each other, so Sir Hanush forces them to go hunting together. During the hunt, Capon, whilst chasing a boar, bumps into a Cuman encampment. After saving Capon from the Cumans, Henry becomes Sir Radzig’s envoy. Henry then investigates a bandit raid on a localĀ stud farmĀ in Neuhof with Sir Bernard of Oleshnaā€™s, captain of the Rattay guard, soldiers, and eventually discovers, after tracking down some of the raiders in Ledetchko and Merhojed, a concealed camp housing both bandits led by Runt and Cumans in the ruins of Pribyslavitz. With Radzig’s and Divish’s soldiers, Henry helps to attack and overwhelm the camp. He then kills Runt, but fails to locate the commissioned sword.

The camp leads the Lords to believe that someone is secretly raising anĀ insurgency. Henry follows various leads to discover a group of bandits operating near Sasau, where they are recruiting men, taking copper through blacksmith Zach and quicksilver through a mysterious figure inside Sasau Monastery. Following a lead about forged coins, Henry finds another knight, Ulrich von Passau, investigating on the undergoing activities in Sasau. Henry and Ulrich locate the forgersā€™ laboratory in the Skalitz mines, where they found disgraced nobleman Sir Jezhek of Ronow, the man entrusted by the conspirators to forge coins to pay their mercenaries. Henry interrogates Sir Jezhek in Rattay prison and discovers that a foreigner named Erik is behind the turmoil in Sasau, so Sir Radzig entrusts Henry to infiltrates the bandit ranks. He is led to the bandits’ stronghold in Vranik, finding a large hidden army composed of Czech mercenary soldiers. There he runs into Istvan Toth, a Hungarian nobleman who was visiting Skalitz the day of the attack. Toth recognizes Henry and has him captured and tortured. Toth reveals that he wields Henry’s father’s sword and plans to use his mercenaries to conquer Bohemian lands, expecting Sigismund to reward him once he reigns as king. He also reveals that Henry is actually Sir Radzig’sĀ illegitimate son.

With the help of a former Skalitz villager, Zbyshek, Henry escapes and warns the Lords of Toth’s treachery. Radzig acknowledges Henry as his son, but keeps focus on the burgeoning situation. The Lords and their combined army assemble at Vranik and assault the stronghold, defeating its garrison. However, Toth and a large number of his mercenaries have infiltrated Talmberg and captured its castle, taking Divish’s wife Stephanie and Sir Radzig as hostages. The Lords are forced to lay siege on Talmberg.

Sir Divish has Henry recruitĀ Konrad KyeserĀ and commands the building of aĀ trebuchet, which they use to breach the castle’s walls. The Lords enter Talmberg, overwhelm Toth’s soldiers, and Sir Hanush negotiates the release of the hostages in exchange for Toth’s safe departure. Henry is angered by Toth’s escape, while Radzig believes that they will encounter him again, though they should not let vengeance consume them. Radzig also reveals that he and Henry’s mother were lovers when they were young, but Radzig could not marry a commoner, which was why he allowed Martin to be Henry’s father.

In the epilogue, Henry is visited by Martin in a dream, who commends Henry for his courage and perseverance before walking away with Henry’s mother into the afterlife. Henry awakens in Rattay, embracing his new life as a nobleman’s son. The Lords are then visited byĀ Jobst, theĀ Margrave of MoraviaĀ and King Wenceslaus’ cousin. Jobst has negotiated an alliance with various nobles throughout the empire against Sigismund, whose victory is uncertain, especially since the war has resulted in an uprising against him back in Hungary. He wishes to have the Bohemian Lords join, hoping that this alliance will sway Sigismund’s supporters to sue for peace. The Lords are uncertain of this plan, but agree that Wenceslaus must be restored to the throne. To assess the situation, Henry and Capon depart on a journey to visit one of Sigismund’s allies,Ā Otto von Bergow, at his estate inĀ Trosky Castle, with a letter enquiring whether or not his allegiance to Sigismund has been shaken. Henry remarks that his personal quest remains to kill von Aulitz and recover his father’s sword.


The project that was to becomeĀ Kingdom Come: DeliveranceĀ began with a pitch byĀ Daniel VĆ”vra, who had leftĀ 2K CzechĀ in 2009. With a small team he began seeking investors for the project. VĆ”vra’s pitch brought on board Martin KlĆ­ma, founder of Altar Games, but pitches to major investors in the Czech Republic were not successful. The team was preparing to abandon the project when a successful pitch to a private investor, the Czech billionaireĀ Zdeněk Bakala, secured funding to develop a prototype of the game. Warhorse Studios was founded on 21 July 2011.

Warhorse Studios first announced that they were working on an “unannounced role-playing game” on 9 February 2012, having successfully licensedĀ CryEngine 3Ā on this date. After seventeen months working on the prototype, Warhorse began a tour pitching the prototype to various international investors. The project did not generate the hype they had hoped for and, with dwindling resources, little progress was made towards an investment.

On 22 January 2014, Warhorse Studios launched a crowdfunding campaign viaĀ KickstarterĀ with the goal of generatingĀ Ā£300,000, ten percent of theĀ US$5,000,000 budget, in order to prove to investors that there was an audience and desire for the game. By 20 February, the effort had raised a total ofĀ Ā£1,106,371. Even after the end of the Kickstarter campaign, crowdfunding was continued through the studio’s website. On 1 October 2014, Daniel VĆ”vra announced through a YouTube video that the game had raisedĀ US$2,002,547 from a total of 38,784 backers. The date of the public alpha access launch was on 22 October 2014. The beta was released for backers on 3 March 2015. On 29 September 2016, it was announced that Warhorse Studios had signed a deal withĀ Koch Media’s game publishing division Deep Silver to publish the console versions as well as the retail PC version. The game’sĀ adaptive musicĀ soundtrack was composed by Jan Valta and Adam Sporka, and its parts were recorded with a symphonicĀ orchestraĀ inĀ Rudolfinum.

The game was released worldwide on 13 February 2018. A day-one patch was released with an extensive update of the game code and gameplay. VƔvra stated the game cost them 750 million crowns, approximately $36.5 million USD, including marketing costs.

On 27 May 2018, the developers revealed aĀ DLCĀ roadmap.Ā From the Ashes is the first DLC and grants the player control over an abandoned village that needs to be rebuilt. Two more story DLCs The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans CaponĀ andĀ Band of Bastards were released before the end of 2018. Other new content includes combat tournaments, a “making of” documentary, and “Combat Academy” videos. The fourth story DLC,Ā A Woman’s Lot, arrived in early 2019, with modding support scheduled to arrive at a later date.Ā A Woman’s LotĀ is a free expansion for early crowdfunding supporters. A “Royal Edition”, which includes the base game and all additional content, was released in June 2019.

On June 10, 2021, it was announced that Warhorse Studios would be collaborating withĀ Saber InteractiveĀ to develop a port for theĀ Nintendo Switch but a release date has not yet been planned.


February 13, 2018

Kingdom Come Deliverance Download FilesĀ 

  • fg-01.bin (12.8 GB)
  • fg-02.bin (10.0 GB)
  • fg-03.bin (339.2 MB)
  • fg-04.bin (250.7 MB)
  • fg-05.bin (15.5 MB)
  • fg-06.bin (80.1 KB)
  • fg-optional-hd-pack.bin (5.2 GB)
  • fg-optional-hd-vo-all.bin (40.0 MB)
  • fg-optional-hd-vo-english.bin (2.9 GB)
  • fg-optional-hd-vo-french.bin (3.0 GB)
  • fg-optional-hd-vo-german.bin (3.1 GB)
  • fg-optional-soundtrack.bin (59.8 MB)
  • fg-selective-english.bin (2.9 GB)
  • fg-selective-french.bin (3.0 GB)
  • fg-selective-german.bin (3.1 GB)


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File Size 47 GB

Kingdom Come Deliverance - Game Free Download šŸ“„ - Gamingwap

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Kingdom Come Deliverance - Game Free Download šŸ“„ - Gamingwap

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Kingdom Come Deliverance - Game Free Download šŸ“„ - Gamingwap

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Kingdom Come Deliverance - Game Free Download šŸ“„ - Gamingwap

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Kingdom Come Deliverance - Game Free Download šŸ“„ - Gamingwap

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