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Splatoon 3 System Requirements


  • CPU: Intel core i3-2100T @ 2.5GHz/AMD FX 6100, or better
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit, 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit
  • VIDEO CARD: DirectX 11 Compatible NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650Ti 2GB, AMD Radeon HD 7750 2GB

Splatoon 3 System Requirements


  • CPU: Intel Core i5 3570K; AMD Ryzen 3 1300x or equivalent
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit, 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit
  • VIDEO CARD: DirectX 11 Compatible Nvidia GTX 960; AMD R9 290 or equivalent

Splatoon 3 Game Details

Splatoon 3 is a third-person shooter video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. Like its predecessors in the Splatoon series, the game consists of competitive online multiplayer (PvP and PvE) alongside a story-driven single-player mode. It was announced via Nintendo Direct on 17 February 2021, and more details were shared on 24 September 2021, with details on the co-op mode shared on 9 February 2022. The game was released on 9 September 2022 and received generally favorable reviews from critics.


Like its predecessors, Splatoon 3 is a third-person shooter. Players choose to be either an “Inkling” or “Octoling” as their player character. Both wield weaponry that shoots colored ink. Weapons are diverse in ability and imagery, with most resembling household objects. For example, Rollers are large paint rollers that can cover large amounts of area in ink but are generally limited to close-range combat. At the same time, Chargers are sniper rifle-like weapons with a long range for sniping opponents but are less effective at painting the ground. Splatoon 3 expands upon this by adding new main and special weapons to the game. Inklings and Octolings also have the ability to morph into a squid or octopus form respectively. This form is referred to as the “swim form,” and can be used to climb ink-covered walls or swim through ink faster than the humanoid forms can walk. Weapons have a finite amount of ink ammunition, and submerging in ink via the swim form replenishes it quicker than in humanoid form. All basic weapons from the prior Splatoon games return in Splatoon 3.

Returning from its predecessor as a playable online multiplayer game mode is Regular Battle, known as Turf War. In Regular Battles, two teams of four players compete to cover the most amount of the map’s area in their respective ink color. Each team can cover over an area covered by the opponents with their color in return, and the opposing team’s ink slows movement, gradually deals damage and prevents the use of the player’s swim form. Each player is equipped with a weapon set, chosen before each match, and each set comes with additional secondary and special weapons in addition to its main weapon. Secondary weapons provide alternate forms of attacking the other team and inking the ground; for example, Splat Bombs that explode a second after contact with a surface and Burst Bombs that explode upon impact. When enough ground is covered in a player’s ink, they may use a special weapon, which are primarily used to attack the opposing team. Weapons and other forms of attack can deal damage to opposing players; when enough damage is given, they will “splat” their opponent, forcing them to restart from their starting location. Matches last three minutes, and whichever team covers a higher percentage of the field at the end of the match is declared the winner.

The game also features monthly “Splatfests”, where players choose to join one of three teams (compared to two in the previous two games) over a particular theme and over two days engage in matches to gain the most points for victory. The Salmon Run co-op mode is also returning, being titled “Salmon Run Next Wave”.

The main hub of Splatoon 3 is known as “Splatsville”, nicknamed “the city of chaos”, and is located in a different region from the previous two games’ hub of “Inkopolis” known as “the Splatlands”.

The story mode of Splatoon 3, titled Return of the Mammalians is set in a new location called “Alterna”. It focuses on the reappearance of mammals, which have been long-extinct.


The Splatoon games take place on a version of Earth set far in the future after the extinction of humanity, where much of ocean life has evolved to live on land. Splatoon 3 takes place five years after the events of Splatoon 2 in the Splatlands, a sun-scorched desert inhabited by battle-hardened Inklings and Octolings, and Splatsville, a city of chaos that seems to have developed rapidly since the last Splatfest, Chaos vs. Order.

Return of the Mammalians

Upon following the elderly squid Cap’n Cuttlefish down a sewer, the player and their Smallfry friend (also known as “Little Buddy”) find themselves in a crater covered with a lethal, fuzzy ooze and must fight Octarians covered in fur; Smallfry is able to eat and destroy some of the ooze. Cuttlefish enlists the player as Agent 3 of the New Squidbeak Splatoon and tasks them with recovering the once-again-missing Great Zapfish, which powers Splatsville. As they travel down the crater, they attempt to contact Agents 1 and 2, Callie and Marie of the Squid Sisters, to pick them up. However, their conversation is wiretapped by Octarian leader DJ Octavio, who accuses Cuttlefish of taking his Octarian warriors and denies taking the Zapfish. The ground breaks open, sending Agent 3 and Smallfry falling into the remains of an underground city, also covered with the fuzzy ooze and containing a massive rocket at the center. They meet Callie, Marie, and the Captain (the protagonist of the first game), who ask them to explore the city and find Cuttlefish. Aided by an artificial intelligence called O.R.C.A, they explore the city, which the fuzzy Octarians have turned into a base. They are forced at times to fight the Splatlands idols, Deep Cut (composed of Frye, Shiver, and Big Man), who claim the city contains valuable treasure (which appears to be nothing but piles of junk) and want it for themselves. As Agent 3 explores, they discover that Cuttlefish has been captured by Grizzco CEO Mr. Grizz, who has also stolen the Zapfish and the Octarian army.

The New Squidbeak Splatoon deduces that Cuttlefish must be on the rocket and constructs a lawnmower using the treasures, which they use to cut the fuzzy ooze around the rocket. Deep Cut, who had been searching for the treasure to help out the citizens of Splatsville, are given the treasure as the New Squidbeak Splatoon no longer needs it. They form an alliance with the New Squidbeak Splatoon and become the Squid Sisters’ employees. Agent 3 climbs the rocket, reaching a dehydrated and dead Cuttlefish and Mr. Grizz, who is revealed to be a massive bear and one of the only remaining mammals left. Grizz explains that, powered by the Great Zapfish and golden salmon eggs, the rocket is rigged to explode and cover the entire Earth in fuzzy ooze. While Cuttlefish is revived in primitive squid form by the Captain’s tears, Grizz launches the rocket, but Deep Cut provides Agent 3 a lift onto it with help from their tamed eels and shark. Agent 3 and Smallfry defeat Mr. Grizz, who attempts to crash into the planet as a last-ditch effort. However, DJ Octavio arrives in an upgraded mech and assists Agent 3 in vacuuming up the fuzzy ooze while Smallfry grows into a “Hugefry” and battles Mr. Grizz atop the rocket. Agent 3 ultimately defeats Grizz and destroys the rocket with a massive blast of Grizz’s own fuzzy ooze, leaving him to come to terms with his defeat before the rocket explodes. Agent 3, Smallfry, and Octavio return to Earth with the Great Zapfish, and Deep Cut continues working with the Squid Sisters and premiering their latest single. During the credits, Grizz is shown to have survived and is seen floating in space.


Splatoon 3 was first announced with a teaser trailer in a Nintendo Direct on 17 February 2021. The trailer revealed new items, weapons, and abilities, including an Ink Bow and a new apocalyptic design. More details were revealed later that year in September, including the name of Splatoon 3‘s single-player mode, Return of the Mammalians. The game was released worldwide on 9 September 2022.

A trailer for Splatoon 3‘s co-op mode “Salmon Run” premiered at a Nintendo Direct on 9 February 2022.

On 22 April 2022, Nintendo uploaded a video to YouTube showing gameplay of the “Turf War” game mode, as well as providing an exact release date.

In July 2022, Nintendo announced a special edition Nintendo Switch OLED model themed on the game, with a release date of 26 August 2022. In addition, the company also announced a Splatoon 3-themed Pro Controller and carrying case, which released alongside the game.

On 10 August 2022, Nintendo broadcast a Splatoon 3-focused Nintendo Direct, revealing the date for the game’s Splatfest World Premiere. Nintendo also announced that the game would have amiibo support, with several new figurines that can be used to take photos with the characters in-game and receive special gear items, similar to past Splatoon titles. It also introduced 3 new “idol” characters (collectively known as Deep Cut) named Big Man, Shiver, and Frye. On 25 August 2022, a Nintendo Treehouse Presentation was broadcast which showcased the single-player story mode, the multiplayer lobby, alongside weapons, and multiplayer maps. The pre-launch Splatfest World Premiere event was held on 27 & 28 August 2022 with a rock-paper-scissors theme.


September 9, 2022

Splatoon 3 Download Files 

  • fg-01.bin (3.1 GB)
  • fg-02.bin (82.8 MB)
  • fg-03.bin (19.9 MB)
  • fg-04.bin (446.1 KB)
  • fg-ryujinx-firmware-14.1.1.bin (320.2 MB)


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Splatoon 3 - Game Free Download 📥 - Gamingwap

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Splatoon 3 - Game Free Download 📥 - Gamingwap

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Splatoon 3 - Game Free Download 📥 - Gamingwap

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Splatoon 3 - Game Free Download 📥 - Gamingwap

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Splatoon 3 - Game Free Download 📥 - Gamingwap

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