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The Santa Clauses is an American Christmas comedy television series created by Jack Burditt for Disney+ and based on The Santa Clause film series. It serves as a sequel to The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006) and features Tim Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell, Eric Lloyd, and David Krumholtz reprising their roles from the film series. Jack Burditt serves as showrunner and executive producer. It premiered on November 16, 2022. In December 2022, The Santa Clauses was renewed for a second season which was released with two episodes on November 8, 2023.



  • Tim Allen as Scott Calvin / Santa Claus: A former successful businessman, who became Santa Claus in 1994 and chose to remain in the role out of the goodness of his heart. After almost 30 years in his role, Calvin believes that he is losing his magical abilities due to aging and chooses to retire after choosing a successor. He is revealed to be the first human to take up the mantle of Santa Claus after the army of previous Santa Clauses determined that the world needed someone who would be familiar with the development of technology and given the nature of Santa Claus that Calvin had naturally within; all of his traits being what the world needs. Liam Seja portrays Calvin as a child during a flashback sequence.
  • Elizabeth Mitchell as Carol Calvin / Mrs. Claus: Calvin’s wife, who he married during The Santa Clause 2. Carol has grown inquisitive as to her greater purpose as Santa’s wife over the years, and is receptive to his decision to retire. Finding success once again in her role as a school principal when they move out of the North Pole, she begins to believe that Calvin’s decision was best for the entire family.
  • Austin Kane as Buddy “Cal” Calvin-Claus: Scott’s youngest son, Carol’s only son, Sandra’s brother, and Charlie’s paternal half brother. Cal at first is excited to experience life in his own way, believing that he did not hold the same skills that his father seems to have. Over the course of the series, it is revealed that he possesses magical abilities due to being born in the North Pole and the spirit of Christmas. The character first appeared in The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, where he was named Buddy after his maternal grandfather.
  • Elizabeth Allen-Dick as Sandra Calvin-Claus: Scott and Carol’s daughter and youngest child; Buddy’s sister and Charlie’s paternal half-sister. Sandra enjoys living in at the North Pole, and is hesitant to move away when her father decides to retire. At the confusion of her parents, she often develops close friendships with animals. Over the course of the series, it’s revealed that she has magical abilities that she inherited from Santa Claus and the spirit of Christmas.
  • Matilda Lawler as Betty (season 1; recurring: season 2): Chief of Staff at the North Pole, and Noel’s wife.
  • Devin Bright as Noel: The current right-hand elf at the North Pole, Betty’s husband, and one of Santa’s best friends.
  • Rupali Redd as Grace Choksi (season 1): Simon’s kind-hearted daughter, who believes in the spirit of Christmas. Grace is excited to live at the North Pole, and experience the joys of Christmas every day. Her mother expressed desires for the feelings of Christmas every day, prior to passing from a major illness.
  • Kal Penn as Simon Choksi / Santa Claus (season 1): The man that Scott Calvin chooses to be his successor as Santa Claus at the North Pole. Prior to his new role, Choski is a game inventor, product developer, and single father with aspirations to become the equivalent of “the next Jeff Bezos” in the technology world. When he is appointed as the next Santa Claus, he views the efficiency at the North Pole as an opportunity to realize his unsuccessful business aspirations. Leading in his new role forcefully, Simon determines that every day will be Christmas, providing the world with instant gratification through a combination of his business technology and the North Pole’s magic. Over the course of the series, he becomes disillusioned and an antagonist to the spirit of Christmas. As the magic at the North Pole begins to fade, Choksi finds himself at odds with Calvin who returns to reclaim his role as Santa Claus.



In January 2022, it was announced that a limited series that would serve as a legacy-sequel to The Santa Clause films was in development, with Tim Allen reprising his role in addition to serving as executive producer. Initially given the working title of “The Clauses”, the project was conceptualized with intent for a streaming release exclusive to Disney+. Jack Burditt serves as showrunner and executive producer, while Jason Winer is a director in addition to serving as an executive producer.

According to Allen, “It originally had a lot of otherworldly characters, and ghosts, and goblins. I said no, this is Christ-mas. Its Christ-mas. It literally is a religious holiday. We don’t have to blow trumpets, but I do want you to acknowledge it. That’s what this is about. If you want to get into Santa Claus, you’re gonna have to go back to history, and it’s all about religion.” On December 14, 2022, The Santa Clauses was renewed for a second season, with Tim Allen and Elizabeth Mitchell set to return.


November 16, 2022

The Santa Clauses Season 1 Download Files 

  • E01 – “Chapter One: Good to Ho”
  • E02 – “Chapter Two: The Secessus Clause”
  • E03 – “Chapter Three: Into the Wobbly Woods”
  • E04 – “Chapter Four: The Shoes Off the Bed Clause”
  • E05 – “Chapter Five: Across the Yule-Verse”
  • E06 – “Chapter Six: A Christmas to Remember”

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The Santa Clauses Season 1 - TV Series Free Download 📥 - Gamingwap

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The Santa Clauses Season 1 - TV Series Free Download 📥 - Gamingwap

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The Santa Clauses Season 1 - TV Series Free Download 📥 - Gamingwap

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