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A Discovery of Witches is a British fantasy television series based on the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness, named after the first book in the trilogy. Produced by Bad Wolf and Sky Studios, it stars Teresa Palmer and Matthew Goode as a witch and a vampire who must learn about and fend off magical creatures. Edward Bluemel, Louise Brealey, Malin Buska, Aiysha Hart, Owen Teale, Alex Kingston, and Valarie Pettiford are also featured.

The eight-episode first series of A Discovery of Witches premiered weekly in the UK on Sky One from 14 September 2018. In November 2018, Sky One renewed A Discovery of Witches for a second and third series. The ten-episode second series was initially released in its entirety on 8 January 2021, and aired weekly on Sky One. The third and final series was also initially released in its entirety on 7 January 2022 and aired weekly on Sky Max. The programme received generally positive reviews, with praise for the chemistry between the main characters, and it received a nomination for Best New Drama at the National Television Awards.

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  • E01 – “Episode 1”
  • E02 – “Episode 2”
  • E03 – “Episode 3”
  • E04 – “Episode 4”
  • E05 – “Episode 5”
  • E06 – “Episode 6”
  • E07 – “Episode 7”

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  • Teresa Palmer as Diana Bishop, DPhil, A witch born in 1986. Her biological parents are deceased but when living they were very powerful witches . She is a tenured historian at Yale University, studying alchemy and science at the University of Oxford
  • Matthew Goode as Matthew Clairmont, a vampire and Professor of Biochemistry
  • Edward Bluemel as Marcus Whitmore, Matthew Clairmont’s vampire son and lab colleague
  • Louise Brealey as Gillian Chamberlain (series 1), a fellow witch and academic alongside Diana at Oxford
  • Malin Buska as Satu Järvinen, a Finnish witch and a Congregation member
  • Aiysha Hart as Miriam Shephard, vampire and Matthew’s scientific colleague at Oxford
  • Owen Teale as Peter Knox, a high-ranking witch and a member of the Congregation
  • Alex Kingston as Sarah Bishop, Diana’s aunt
  • Valarie Pettiford as Emily Mather, Sarah’s partner
  • Gregg Chillin as Domenico Michele, a vampire and Congregation member
  • Elarica Johnson as Juliette Durand (series 1), a vampire, daughter of Gerbert
  • Greg McHugh as Hamish Osborne, a daemon and friend of Matthew
  • Trevor Eve as Gerbert d’Aurillac, an ancient vampire and a Congregation member
  • Daniel Ezra as Nathaniel Wilson, a daemon, son of Agatha
  • Aisling Loftus as Sophie Wilson, a daemon, wife of Nathaniel, and as Susanna Norman (season 2), a witch
  • Tanya Moodie as Agatha Wilson, a daemon and Congregation member
  • Sorcha Cusack as Marthe, a vampire, housekeeper to Ysabeau
  • Trystan Gravelle (series 1–2) and Peter McDonald (series 3) as Baldwin Montclair, a vampire, brother of Matthew and head of the Congregation.
  • Lindsay Duncan as Ysabeau de Clermont, mother of Matthew Clairmont and wife of Philippe de Clermont
  • Holly Aird as Françoise (series 2), a vampire
  • Tom Hughes as Kit Marlowe (series 2), playwright and friend of Matthew
  • Michael Lindall as Walter Raleigh (series 2)
  • Sheila Hancock as Goody Alsop (series 2), a witch
  • Paul Rhys as Andrew Hubbard (series 2–3), a vampire
  • Steven Cree as Gallowglass (series 2–3), son of the late Hugh de Clermont and nephew of Matthew
  • Adelle Leonce as Phoebe Taylor (series 2–3), a human who becomes involved with Marcus
  • Elaine Cassidy as Louisa de Clermont (series 2), sister of Matthew
  • James Purefoy as Philippe de Clermont (series 2), husband of Ysabeau, father of Baldwin and stepfather of Matthew
  • Michael Jibson as Rudolf II (series 2), Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia
  • Olivier Huband as Fernando Gonçalves (series 3), a vampire, partner of the late Hugh de Clermont
  • Jacob Ifan as Benjamin Fuchs (series 3, guest series 2), a vampire
  • Ivanno Jeremiah as Christopher Roberts (series 3), friend of Diana
  • Toby Regbo as Jack Blackfriars (series 3)
    • Joshua Pickering as young Jack Blackfriars (recurring series 2)
  • Parker Sawyers as Ransome Fayrweather (series 3), a vampire


Warner Bros. purchased the film rights to A Discovery of Witches in 2011. The film was in the early stages of development, with few details released beyond the signing-on of playwright David Auburn to pen the screenplay and producers Denise Di Novi and Allison Greenspan.

British entertainment channel Sky One bought the rights for the books, to adapt them into a television programme. Teresa Palmer was cast as Diana Bishop and Matthew Goode was cast as Matthew Clairmont. After six months of filming, it was completed on 16 February 2018. Much of the work was filmed in Wales, on location and at Bad Wolf Studios in Cardiff.

On 2 November 2018, Sky One renewed A Discovery of Witches for a second and a third series before the first series finale was broadcast. A first look at the second series was released in September 2019. In December 2019, it was announced that the filming for the next series was completed in the UK, and the rest of the filming would take place in Italy. During the New York Comic Con’s virtual event in October 2020, it was reported that the third series was filming at Wolf Studios in Cardiff. A trailer for the third series was released in October 2021.



7 January 2022

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