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Dark is a German science fiction thriller television series co-created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. It ran for three seasons from 2017 to 2020. The story follows characters from the fictional town of Winden, Germany, as they pursue the truth in the aftermath of a child’s disappearance. They follow connections between four estranged families to unravel a sinister time travel conspiracy that spans several generations. The series explores the existential implications of time and its effect on human nature and life. It features an ensemble cast.

Dark debuted on 1 December 2017 on Netflix; it is the service’s first German-language original series. The second season was released on 21 June 2019, while the third and final season was released on 27 June 2020.

Dark received widespread critical acclaim for its cast, direction, writing, tone, visuals, musical score, and the ambition and complexity of its narrative. In 2021, the BBC ranked the series as the 58th greatest TV series of the 21st century.

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  • Jonas Kahnwald
  • Hannah Kahnwald
  • Ines Kahnwald
  • Daniel Kahnwald
  • Martha Nielsen
  • Magnus Nielsen
  • Mikkel Nielsen
  • Ulrich Nielsen
  • Katharina Nielsen
  • Tronte Nielsen
  • Jana Nielsen
  • Helene Albers
  • Agnes Nielsen
  • Franziska Doppler
  • Elisabeth Doppler
  • Peter Doppler
  • Charlotte Doppler
  • Helge Doppler
  • Bernd Doppler
  • Greta Doppler
  • G. Tannhaus
  • Bartosz Tiedemann
  • Regina Tiedemann
  • Aleksander Tiedemann (Boris Niewald, later Aleksander Köhler)
  • Claudia Tiedemann
  • Egon Tiedemann
  • Doris Tiedemann
  • Noah (Hanno Tauber)
  • Silja Tiedemann
  • The Unknown
  • Clausen



Netflix approved the series in February 2016 for a first season consisting of ten one-hour episodes. Principal photography started on 18 October 2016 in and around Berlin (including Saarmund and Tremsdorf in Brandenburg), and ended in March 2017.

The church where Jonas meets Noah was filmed at the Südwestkirchhof Cemetery  in Stahnsdorf. The high school location was filmed at the Reinfelder Schule in Berlin’s Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf neighbourhood. The bridge and the train tracks were filmed on the abandoned Wannsee-Stahnsdorf railway  in the middle of the Düppeler forest near Lake Wannsee. The gates to the power plant are those at the Olympic Stadium Bell Tower; the nuclear reactor towers were computer-animated. The recurring street scene of the bus stop and T-intersection was filmed at Fahrtechnik Akademie in Zossen. The truck stop with Benni’s caravan is located at Zollamt Berlin-Dreilinden (the former Checkpoint Bravo). Exterior hospital shots were filmed at the old section of Lungenklinik Heckeshorn in Wannsee. Library scenes were filmed at the University of Applied Sciences for Finance in Königs Wusterhausen and Berlin State Library.

The series was filmed in 4K (Ultra HD) resolution. It is the first German-language Netflix original series and follows a trend of internationally produced Netflix originals, including the Mexican series Club de Cuervos in 2015, the Brazilian series 3% in 2016, the Italian series Suburra: Blood on Rome in 2017, and the Indian series Sacred Games in 2018.

Principal photography for the second season took place on location in Berlin from June 2018.

Filming for the third season began in May 2019 and wrapped in December 2019.


1 December 2017

Dark Season 1 Download Files 

  • E01 – “Secrets”
  • E02 – “Lies”
  • E03 – “Past and Present”
  • E04 – “Double Lives”
  • E05 – “Truths”
  • E06 – “Sic Mundus Creatus Est” (transl. Thus the World Was Created)
  • E07 – “Crossroads”
  • E08 – “What you sow, you will reap”
  • E09 – “Everything Is Now”
  • E10 – “Alpha and Omega”
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