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Iron Man 3Ā (titled onscreen asĀ Iron Man Three) is a 2013 AmericanĀ superhero filmĀ based on theĀ Marvel ComicsĀ characterĀ Iron Man, produced byĀ Marvel StudiosĀ and distributed byĀ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It is the sequel toĀ Iron ManĀ (2008) andĀ Iron Man 2Ā (2010), andĀ the seventh filmĀ in theĀ Marvel Cinematic UniverseĀ (MCU). The film was directed byĀ Shane BlackĀ from a screenplay he co-wrote withĀ Drew Pearce, and starsĀ Robert Downey Jr.Ā asĀ Tony Stark / Iron ManĀ alongsideĀ Gwyneth Paltrow,Ā Don Cheadle,Ā Guy Pearce,Ā Rebecca Hall,Ā StĆ©phanie Szostak,Ā James Badge Dale,Ā William Sadler,Ā Miguel Ferrer,Ā Jon Favreau, andĀ Ben Kingsley. InĀ Iron Man 3, Tony Stark wrestles with the ramifications of the events ofĀ The AvengersĀ (2012) during a national terrorism campaign on the United States led by the mysterious Mandarin.

After the release ofĀ Iron Man 2Ā in May 2010, director Favreau chose not to return for a third film. Black was hired to write and direct the sequel in February 2011, working with Pearce to make the script more character-centric, focus on thriller elements, and use concepts fromĀ Warren Ellis’s “Extremis” comic book story arc. The film’s supporting cast, including Kingsley, Pearce, and Hall, were brought on throughout April and May 2012. Filming took place from May 23 to December 17, 2012, primarily atĀ EUE/Screen GemsĀ Studios inĀ Wilmington, North Carolina. Additional filming took place aroundĀ North CarolinaĀ as well as inĀ Florida,Ā Los Angeles, andĀ China; an extended version of the film specifically for Chinese audiences was created. Seventeen companies provided the film’s visual effects.

Iron Man 3Ā premiered at theĀ Grand RexĀ in Paris on April 14, 2013, and released in the United States on May 3, as the first film inĀ Phase TwoĀ of the MCU. It received positive reviews from critics, with praise for its action sequences, Black’s direction, and Downey’s performance, though there was criticism for its portrayal of the Mandarin. The film was a box office success, grossing over $1.2 billion worldwide, making it theĀ second-highest-grossing film of 2013Ā and the sixteenth film to gross over $1 billion. It finished its theatrical run as theĀ fifth-highest-grossing film of all time, while its opening weekend was theĀ sixth-highest of all time. The film received Best Visual Effects nominations at theĀ Academy AwardsĀ and theĀ BAFTA Awards.

Iron Man 3 - Film Free Download šŸ“„ - Gamingwap
Iron Man 3 - Film Free Download šŸ“„ - Gamingwap
Iron Man 3 - Film Free Download šŸ“„ - Gamingwap




In 2006, Cameron stated that ifĀ AvatarĀ (2009) was successful, he would consider making two sequels. In 2010, he said the sequels would proceed as planned as a result of the film’s widespread success. The sequels were originally scheduled for release inĀ December 2014Ā and 2015. He included certain scenes in the first film for future story follow-ups. Cameron planned to shoot the sequelsĀ back-to-backĀ and to begin work “once the novel is nailed down”. He stated that the sequels would widen the universe while exploring other moons ofĀ Polyphemus. The first sequel would focus on the ocean of Pandora and also feature more of the rainforest. He intended to capture footage for the sequel at the bottom of theĀ Mariana TrenchĀ using a deepwater submersible. In 2011, Cameron stated that he was just starting to design the ocean ecosystem of Pandora and the other worlds to be included in the story. The storyline, although continuing the environmental theme of the first film, would not be “strident” since the film will concentrate on entertainment. The sequels were confirmed as continuing to follow the characters of Jake and Neytiri in December 2009. Cameron implied that the humans would return as the antagonists of the story. In 2011, Cameron stated his intention to film the sequels at aĀ higher frame rateĀ than the industry standard 24 frames per second, to add a heightened sense of reality.

In 2013, Cameron announced that the sequels would be filmed in New Zealand, with performance capture to take place in 2014. An agreement with theĀ New Zealand governmentĀ required at least one world premiere to be held in Wellington and at leastĀ NZ$500Ā million (approximately US$410Ā million at December 2013 exchange rates) to be spent on production activity in New Zealand, including live-action filming and visual effects. The New Zealand government announced it would raise its baseline tax rebate for filmmaking from 15% to 20%, with 25% available to international productions in some cases and 40% for New Zealand productions (as defined by section 18 of theĀ New Zealand Film CommissionĀ Act 1978).

Cameron mentioned a possible third sequel for the first time in 2012; and was officially confirmed the following year. Cameron was then looking to releaseĀ Avatar 2Ā in 2015, but later that year, production was rescheduled for 2014, with the film to be released in December 2016, and to be followed by the two other sequels in 2017 and 2018. By 2015, the scheduled release dates for the sequels were each delayed by another year, with the first sequel expected to be released in December 2017; this was due to the writing process, which Cameron called “a complex job”. The following month, Fox announced a further release delay. In February 2016, production of the sequels was scheduled to begin in April 2016 in New Zealand. In April 2016, Cameron announced at CinemaCon that there will be fourĀ AvatarĀ sequels, all of which will be filmed simultaneously. The fourĀ AvatarĀ sequels share a $1Ā billion budget (e.g. $250Ā million each film).

New crew members includeĀ cinematographerĀ Russell Carpenter, who worked with Cameron onĀ True LiesĀ (1994) andĀ TitanicĀ (1997), and Aashrita Kamath, who will act asĀ art directorĀ on all four sequels. Kirk Krack, founder ofĀ Performance Freediving International, worked as aĀ free-divingĀ trainer for the cast and crew for the underwater scenes. Several creatures that were first introduced in theĀ Walt Disney WorldĀ theme park attractionĀ Avatar Flight of PassageĀ were featured in the film.

In 2019, after several media outlets shared rumors of potential titles for theĀ AvatarĀ sequels, including the nameĀ Avatar: The Way of Water, Cameron confirmed that the titles mentioned were “among titles that are in consideration” but had not been finalized at the time.

In 2022, Cameron said that about ten minutes of “gunplay action” were cut from the film as he was no longer inclined to “fetishize the gun”, although he is known as an “action filmmaker”.


  • Robert Downey Jr.Ā asĀ Tony Stark / Iron Man:
    AnĀ AvengerĀ and a self-described genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist withĀ mechanical suits of armorĀ of his own invention. Stark now struggles to come to terms with his near-death experience inĀ The Avengers, suffering from anxiety attacks. On making a thirdĀ Iron ManĀ film, Downey said, “My sense of it is that we need to leave it all on the fieldā€”whatever that means in the end. You can pick several different points of departure for that.” On following upĀ The Avengers, Downey said they “tried to be practical, in a post-AvengersĀ world. What are his challenges now? What are some limitations that might be placed on him? And what sort of threat would have him, as usual, ignore those limitations?” Screenwriter Drew Pearce compared Tony to an AmericanĀ James BondĀ for both being “heroes with a sense of danger to them, and unpredictab[le]” even if Stark was a “free agent” instead of an authority figure like Bond. He also likened Tony to the protagonists of 1970s films such asĀ The French ConnectionĀ (1971), where “the idiosyncrasies of the heroes is what made them exciting.”
  • Gwyneth PaltrowĀ asĀ Pepper Potts:
    Stark’s girlfriend, longtime associate, and the current CEO of Stark Industries.Ā Paltrow says of her character’s relationship to Tony, ” adores Tony, but she absolutely gets fed up with him. He gets caught in a feedback loop.” Kevin Feige commented on Pepper’s role in the film: “The love triangle in this movie is really between Tony, Pepper and the suits. Tony, Pepper and his obsession with those suits, and the obsession with technology.” Feige also stated the film uses the character to play with theĀ damsel in distressĀ trope, and posits the question, “Is Pepper in danger or is Pepper the savior?”
  • Don CheadleĀ asĀ James “Rhodey” Rhodes / Iron Patriot:
    Stark’s best friend and the liaison between Stark Industries and the U.S. Air Force in the department of acquisitions. Rhodes operates the redesigned/upgradedĀ War MachineĀ armor, taking on anĀ American flag-inspired color scheme similar to theĀ Iron PatriotĀ armor from the comics. Feige said of Rhodes and the armor, “The notion in the movie is that a red, white and blue suit is a bold statement, and it’s meant to be. With Rhodey, he’s very much the foil to Tony’s eccentricities, and in this one you get to see this and be reminded of the trust and friendship between them in that greatĀ Shane BlackĀ buddy-copĀ fashion.” In the film, the president asks Rhodey to take up the moniker “Iron Patriot,” and don the red, white, and blue suit, in order to be the government’s “American hero” in response to the events inĀ The Avengers.
  • Guy PearceĀ asĀ Aldrich Killian:
    The creator of theĀ ExtremisĀ virus and the founder and owner of the science and development organizationĀ Advanced Idea Mechanics who adopts the mantle of theĀ MandarinĀ as his own. Killian develops Extremis to cure his own debilitating disability; in addition to his regenerative healing qualities, he has superhuman strength and the ability to generate extreme heat. Prolonged exposure to Extremis also grants him the ability to breathe fire. Pearce felt he was “a little more experimental” in the roles he was taking in his career, and was not keen on appearing in a superhero film, but felt his role in this film was “cameo stuff” which was a more enjoyable experience because he was “working in concentrated spurts”. Pearce described Killian as a man with physical disabilities who has “never been able to accept those limitations” and works to overcome them, continuing, “His tenacity and blind determination in fighting for a better life are seen by some as irritating, as he often comes across as obnoxious.” Black felt that Pearce ultimately is the Mandarin in the film, and that Marvel worked with him “to come up with these crazy things, these far out ideas” that divert from established expectations from the comics.
  • Rebecca HallĀ asĀ Maya Hansen:
    A geneticist whose work helped Killian create Extremis. Hall said Hansen would be a “strong female character,” and described her decision to take the role, saying, “I decided to doĀ Iron Man 3Ā because I’ve never done the ‘hurry up and wait’ movie before. Even the studio movies I’ve done have been small studio movies, or indie films that we made on a wing and a prayer. I love those, butĀ Iron ManĀ is refreshing in a way because it’s something out of my realm of experiences.” Hall confirmed her character’s role was greatly reduced in the final film, saying, “I signed on to do something that was a substantial role. She wasn’t entirely the villainā€”there have been several phases of thisā€”but I signed on to do something very different to what I ended up doing.”
  • StĆ©phanie SzostakĀ asĀ Ellen Brandt:
    A war veteran who becomes an assassin after her exposure to Extremis. Describing Brandt, Szostak says, “… [Extremis] was a second chance at life. We talked about what you feel like and I think it almost makes you a fuller version of who you are, all your weakness and your qualitiesā€”just everything gets enhanced. I saw it as very freeing, almost you become your true-self and your fantasy-self all at once.” The writers originally envisioned Brandt as Killian’s main henchman, who would return throughout the film to fight Tony, but eventually, that role was reassigned to Eric Savin.
  • James Badge DaleĀ asĀ Eric Savin:
    Killian’s Extremis-powered henchman. Dale stated that his character in the film was “loosely based on” the comic version of the character. According to Dale, “Ben KingsleyĀ is the mouthpiece.Ā Guy PearceĀ is the brain. I’m the muscle.”
  • William SadlerĀ asĀ Matthew Ellis: TheĀ President of the United States, named after Warren Ellis, who wrote the “Extremis” comics arc that primarily influenced the film’s story.
  • Miguel FerrerĀ as Rodriguez: TheĀ Vice President of the United States.
  • Jon FavreauĀ asĀ Happy Hogan:
    Tony Stark’s former bodyguard and chauffeur who now serves as Stark Industries’ head of security department. Favreau, who served as both actor and director on the previous twoĀ Iron ManĀ films, said participating in the new film was “like [being] a proud grandfather who doesn’t have to change the diapers but gets to play with the baby.”
  • Ben KingsleyĀ asĀ Trevor Slattery:
    A British actor whom Killian hired to portray theĀ Mandarin, a terrorist persona in jammed television broadcasts in which he is depicted as the leader of the international terrorist organization theĀ Ten Rings. Kingsley was filmingĀ Ender’s GameĀ when he was cast, and said that, “Quite soon I’ll be with everybody and we’ll be discussing the look and the feel and the direction of the character. It’s very early days yet, but I’m so thrilled to be on board.” On his performance, Kingsley stated: “I wanted a voice that would disconcert a Western audience. I wanted a voice that would sound far more homegrown and familiarā€”a familiarity like a teacher’s voice or a preacher’s voice. The rhythms and tones of an earnest, almost benign, teacherā€”trying to educate people for their own good.” The Mandarin was initially set to appear in the firstĀ Iron ManĀ film, but he was put off for a sequel as the filmmakers felt that he was “too ambitious for a first [film].” On the character, Feige stated, “The Mandarin is [Iron Man’s] most famous foe in the comics mainly because he’s been around the longest. If you look, there’s not necessarily a definitive Mandarin storyline in the comics. So it was really about having an idea.” Shane Black explains Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin is not Chinese in the film as he is in the comics in order to avoid theĀ Fu ManchuĀ stereotype: “We’re not saying he’s Chinese, we’re saying he, in fact, draws a cloak around him of Chinese symbols and dragons because it represents his obsessions withĀ Sun TzuĀ in various ancient arts of warfare that he studied.” The filmmakers also citedĀ Colonel KurtzĀ fromĀ Apocalypse NowĀ as an influence for the character. The videos where the Mandarin gives historical background to the attacks expressed how it emerged as the product of “aĀ think tankĀ of people trying to create a modern terrorist.” Thus the Mandarin “represents every terrorist in a way”, from South AmericanĀ insurgency tacticsĀ to theĀ videos ofĀ Osama bin Laden.


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Iron Man 3 - Film Free Download šŸ“„ - Gamingwap

File Size 1.95 GB

Iron Man 3 - Film Free Download šŸ“„ - Gamingwap

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