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Peaky Blinders is a British period crime drama television series created by Steven Knight. Set in Birmingham, England, it follows the exploits of the Peaky Blinders crime gang in the direct aftermath of the First World War. The fictional gang is loosely based on a real urban youth gang of the same name who were active in the city from the 1880s to the 1910s.

It features an ensemble cast led by Cillian Murphy, starring as Tommy Shelby, Helen McCrory as Elizabeth “Polly” Gray, Paul Anderson as Arthur Shelby, Sophie Rundle as Ada Shelby, and Joe Cole as John Shelby, the gang’s senior members. Sam Neill, Annabelle Wallis, Iddo Goldberg, Tom Hardy, Charlotte Riley, Finn Cole, Natasha O’Keeffe, Paddy Considine, Adrien Brody, Aidan Gillen, Anya Taylor-Joy, Sam Claflin, Amber Anderson, James Frecheville, and Stephen Graham are also starring. It premiered on 12 September 2013, telecast on BBC Two until the fourth series (with repeats on BBC Four), then moved to BBC One for the fifth and sixth series.

Netflix, under a deal with Weinstein Company and Endemol, acquired the rights to release the show in the United States and around the world. In January 2021, it was announced that the sixth series would be the last, followed by a spinoff film. The final series was broadcast in 2022.

Peaky Blinders Season 6 - TV Series Free Download 📥 - Gamingwap
Peaky Blinders Season 6 - TV Series Free Download 📥 - Gamingwap
Peaky Blinders Season 6 - TV Series Free Download 📥 - Gamingwap



  • Cillian Murphy as Thomas “Tommy” Shelby, the leader of the Peaky Blinders.
  • Sam Neill as Chief Inspector/Major Chester Campbell (series 1–2), an Ulster Protestant policeman drafted from Belfast.
  • Helen McCrory as Elizabeth Pollyanna “Polly” Gray (series 1–5), née Shelby, the aunt of the Shelby siblings, and treasurer of the Peaky Blinders.
  • Paul Anderson as Arthur Shelby Jr., Tommy’s best friend and eldest of the Shelby siblings.
  • Annabelle Wallis as Grace Shelby (series 1–3, 5), née Burgess, a former undercover agent, and Irish Protestant. She is Tommy’s first wife and mother of his son Charles.
  • Iddo Goldberg as Freddie Thorne (series 1), a known communist who fought in the Great War and Ada’s husband.
  • Sophie Rundle as Ada Thorne, née Shelby, the only sister of the Shelby brothers.
  • Joe Cole as John “Johnny” Shelby (series 1–4), the third-youngest Shelby brother and a member of the Peaky Blinders.
  • Ned Dennehy as Charlie Strong, owner of a boatyard and an uncle figure to the Shelby siblings.
  • Benjamin Zephaniah as Jeremiah ‘Jimmy’ Jesus, a preacher, and friend of the Peaky Blinders.
  • David Dawson as Roberts (series 1), Billy Kimber’s accountant.
  • Andy Nyman (series 1), Richard McCabe (recurring series 2), and Neil Maskell (series 5–6) as Winston Churchill
  • Charlie Creed-Miles as Billy Kimber (series 1), a local kingpin and leader of The Birmingham Boys who runs the local races.
  • Tommy Flanagan as Arthur Shelby, Sr. (series 1), the father of the Shelby siblings and Polly’s brother.
  • Noah Taylor as Darby Sabini (series 2), the leader of an Italian gang in Camden Town.
  • Tom Hardy as Alfred “Alfie” Solomons (series 2–6), the leader of a Jewish gang in Camden Town.
  • Charlotte Riley as May Fitz Carleton (series 2, 4), a wealthy widow who owns racehorses.
  • Finn Cole as Michael Gray (series 2–6), Polly’s biological son.
  • Natasha O’Keeffe as Elizabeth “Lizzie” Shelby, née Stark (series 2–6; guest series 1), an ex-prostitute who worked for Tommy as his secretary. She is his second wife and the mother of his daughter Ruby.
  • Aimee-Ffion Edwards as Esme Shelby-Lee (series 3–4, 6; recurring series 1–2), John’s wife and a member of the Lee clan.
  • Gaite Jansen as Princess Tatiana Petrovna (series 3), a Russian princess who has an affair with Tommy.
  • Alexander Siddig as Ruben Oliver (series 3), a portrait artist in a romantic relationship with Polly.
  • Packy Lee as Johnny Dogs (series 3–6; recurring series 1-2), Tommy’s Gypsy friend.
  • Jan Bijvoet as Arch Duke Leon Romanov (series 3), Tatiana’s uncle.
  • Dina Korzun as Grand Duchess Izabella Petrovna (series 3), Tatiana’s aunt.
  • Paddy Considine as Father John Hughes (series 3), a priest working with the anti-communist Section D (the Economic League) in the British government
  • Kate Phillips as Linda Shelby (series 4–6; recurring series 3), Arthur’s wife who is a devout Christian.
  • Charlie Murphy as Jessie Eden (series 4–5), a union convenor and Tommy’s lover.
  • Adrien Brody as Luca Changretta (series 4), a New York mafioso with a vendetta against the Peaky Blinders.
  • Ian Peck as Curly (series 4–6; recurring series 1–3), a horse expert and Charlie’s assistant.
  • Jack Rowan as Bonnie Gold (series 4–5), Aberama’s boxing champion son.
  • Aidan Gillen as Aberama Gold (series 4–5), an ally of the Peaky Blinders and Polly’s lover.
  • Anya Taylor-Joy as Gina Gray (series 5–6), Michael’s American wife.
  • Kingsley Ben-Adir as Colonel Ben Younger (series 5; guest series 4), a young colonel who begins a relationship with Ada. He is also investigating socialist and fascist political activities.
  • Sam Claflin as Sir Oswald Mosley (series 5–6), a fascist politician and leader of the British Union of Fascists.
  • Brian Gleeson as Jimmy McCavern (series 5), the leader of the Billy Boys, a Scottish Protestant gang.
  • Kate Dickie as Mother Superior (series 5), the head of a group of nuns.
  • Andrew Koji as Brilliant Chang (series 5), a Chinese criminal leader involved in opium smuggling.
  • Cosmo Jarvis as Barney Thomason (series 5), a WWI sniper who was Tommy’s comrade and old friend and is locked in an insane asylum.
  • Alfie Evans-Meese (recurring series 1) and Harry Kirton (series 6; recurring series 2–5) as Finn Shelby, the youngest Shelby brother and a member of the Peaky Blinders.
  • Charlene McKenna as Laura McKee/ Captain Swing (series 6; guest series 5), an IRA leader from Belfast.
  • Pauline Turner as Frances (series 6; recurring series 4–5), Tommy’s housekeeper.
  • Amber Anderson as Lady Diana Mitford (series 6), Mosley’s second wife, one of the aristocratic Mitford sisters and a Fascist socialite.
  • James Frecheville as Jack Nelson (series 6), a south Boston gang leader, Gina’s uncle and Michael’s boss in the United States. Nelson is based on Joseph Kennedy, Sr.
  • Stephen Graham as Hayden Stagg (series 6), the union convenor for the workers at Liverpool docks.
  • Conrad Khan as Erasmus “Duke” Shelby (series 6), Tommy’s first-born son from before the Great War.
  • Jordan Bolger (recurring series 2–4) and Daryl McCormack (series 6; recurring series 5) as Isiah Jesus, Jeremiah’s son and a member of the Peaky Blinders.
  • Emmett J. Scanlan as Billy Grade (series 6; recurring series 5), an ex-footballer turned singer and an ally to the Peaky Blinders.


10th June 2022

Peaky Blinders Season 6 Download Files 

  • E01 – “Black Day”
  • E02 – “Black Shirt”
  • E03 – “Gold”
  • E04 – “Sapphire”
  • E05 – “The Road to Hell”
  • E06 – “Lock and Key”

Season 6 Download

Peaky Blinders Season 6 - TV Series Free Download 📥 - Gamingwap

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Peaky Blinders Season 6 - TV Series Free Download 📥 - Gamingwap

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Peaky Blinders Season 6 - TV Series Free Download 📥 - Gamingwap

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Peaky Blinders Season 6 - TV Series Free Download 📥 - Gamingwap

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Peaky Blinders Season 6 - TV Series Free Download 📥 - Gamingwap

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