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TheĀ first seasonĀ of the AmericanĀ superheroĀ television seriesĀ The Boys, the first series in theĀ franchiseĀ based on theĀ comic book series of the same nameĀ written byĀ Garth EnnisĀ andĀ Darick Robertson, was developed for television by American writer and television producerĀ Eric Kripke. The season was produced byĀ Sony Pictures TelevisionĀ in association withĀ Point Grey Pictures,Ā Original Film, Kripke Enterprises, Kickstart Entertainment and KFL Nightsky Productions.

The first season of the series starsĀ Karl Urban,Ā Jack Quaid,Ā Antony Starr,Ā Erin Moriarty,Ā Dominique McElligott,Ā Jessie T. Usher,Ā Laz Alonso,Ā Chace Crawford,Ā Tomer Kapon,Ā Karen Fukuhara,Ā Nathan Mitchell, andĀ Elisabeth Shue. The story takes place in a universe where most of the superpowered individuals are recognized asĀ superheroes, but in reality abuse their powers for personal gain, information the public is kept unaware of. The series follows the eponymous Boys (led byĀ Billy Butcher), a group of vigilantes looking to bring down Vought International and expose its corrupt superheroes. When his girlfriend is accidentally killed by A-Train,Ā Hughie CampbellĀ joins the Boys to get revenge against the Seven. Meanwhile,Ā Annie JanuaryĀ is forced to face the truth about those she admires, after she joins the Seven, led byĀ Homelander. The Boys attempt to stop Vought from receiving government support for superheroes by uncovering the company’s secrets. When Hughie and Annie begin a romantic relationship, the conflict is muddled despite the two of them initially being unaware of each other’s affiliations.

All eight episodes of the season were released on the streaming serviceĀ Amazon Prime VideoĀ on July 26, 2019, attracting a high viewership, making the show one of the most successful originals ever released by Prime Video at the moment. It received largely positive reviews from critics and audiences, with high praise for its social commentary, story, black humor, faithfulness to the comics, screenplay and the performances of Urban and Starr. On July 19, 2019, the series was renewed for aĀ second season.

The Boys Season 1 - TV Series Free Download šŸ“„ - Gamingwap
The Boys Season 1 - TV Series Free Download šŸ“„ - Gamingwap
The Boys Season 1 - TV Series Free Download šŸ“„ - Gamingwap



  • Karl UrbanĀ asĀ William “Billy” Butcher
  • Jack QuaidĀ asĀ Hugh “Hughie” Campbell Jr.
  • Antony StarrĀ asĀ John / Homelander
  • Erin MoriartyĀ asĀ Annie January / Starlight
  • Dominique McElligottĀ as Maggie Shaw / Queen Maeve
  • Jessie T. UsherĀ as Reggie Franklin / A-Train
  • Laz AlonsoĀ asĀ Marvin T. “Mother’s” Milk / MM
  • Chace CrawfordĀ as Kevin Moskowitz / the Deep
  • Tomer CaponĀ as Serge / Frenchie
  • Karen FukuharaĀ as Kimiko Miyashiro / the Female
  • Nathan MitchellĀ asĀ Earving / Black Noir
  • Elisabeth ShueĀ as Madelyn Stillwell
  • Simon PeggĀ as Hugh Campbell Sr.
  • Alex HassellĀ as Translucent
  • Colby MinifieĀ as Ashley Barrett
  • Shaun BensonĀ as Ezekiel
  • Ann CusackĀ as Donna January
  • Jess SalgueiroĀ as Robin Ward
  • Jennifer EspositoĀ as Susan Raynor
  • Jordana Lajoie as Cherie Sinclair
  • Mishka ThĆ©baud as Shockwave
  • Malcolm BarrettĀ as Seth Reed
  • Christian KeyesĀ as Nathan Franklin
  • Brittany AllenĀ as Charlotte / Popclaw
  • Shantel VanSantenĀ as Becca Butcher



Between 2008 and 2016, it was originally planned to make a film adaptation ofĀ The BoysĀ having been in various stages of development.Ā Columbia PicturesĀ was initially the studio in charge to bring the adaptation with a budget of $100 million andĀ Adam McKayĀ as the director. However the project was abandoned due to a series of creatives differences between the studio and McKay. However the production of the film was revived byĀ Paramount Pictures, having managed to get the rights of the project in August 2012, but then on April 6, 2016, it was announced thatĀ CinemaxĀ would be developing a television series adaptation of the comic book instead, cancelling the original plans for a film adaptation.Ā Eric Kripke,Ā Evan Goldberg, andĀ Seth RogenĀ were approached and then recruited during the production of the seriesĀ Preacher, with Kripke serving as the showrunner of the series and Goldberg and Rogen as directors. Kripke, Rogen and Robertson were also selected as executive producer.Ā Garth EnnisĀ andĀ Darick RobertsonĀ were selected to serve as co-executive producers. The confirmed production companies to be involved with the series wereĀ Point Grey Pictures,Ā Original Film, andĀ Sony Pictures Television.

However, on November 8, 2017,Ā AmazonĀ managed to get the rights ofĀ The BoysĀ and started the production of the first season consisting of eight episodes, with the production expected to begin at the spring of 2018 for a planned release at 2019. At the time, Amazon was failing to get hits with its originals which led them to make several deals with auspices from other successful series hoping to make the next big genre drama hit show likeĀ Game of Thrones,Ā The Walking DeadĀ andĀ Stranger Things. The series was confirmed to be at development for several months preceding the series order announcement and it was also confirmed that the creative team that were hired for the previous adaptations were still attached to the series.Ā On April 30, 2018,Ā Dan TrachtenbergĀ replacedĀ Seth RogenĀ andĀ Evan GoldbergĀ as the directors of the show. Kripke, Goldberg, Rogen,Ā Neal H. Moritz, Pavun Shetty, Ori Marmur, James Weaver, Ken Levin, and Jason Netter were confirmed to serve as the executive producers for the series.Ā Garth EnnisĀ andĀ Darick RobertsonĀ were recruited to serve as the co-executive producers.


July 26, 2019

The Boys Season 1 Download FilesĀ 

  • E01 – “The Name of the Game”
  • E02 – “Cherry”
  • E03 – “Get Some”
  • E04 – “The Female of the Species”
  • E05 – “Good for the Soul”
  • E06 – “The Innocents”
  • E07 – “The Self-Preservation Society”
  • E08 – “You Found Me”

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The Boys Season 1 - TV Series Free Download šŸ“„ - Gamingwap

File Size 2.6 GB

The Boys Season 1 - TV Series Free Download šŸ“„ - Gamingwap

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The Boys Season 1 - TV Series Free Download šŸ“„ - Gamingwap

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The Boys Season 1 - TV Series Free Download šŸ“„ - Gamingwap

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The Boys Season 1 - TV Series Free Download šŸ“„ - Gamingwap

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The Boys Season 1 - TV Series Free Download šŸ“„ - Gamingwap

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