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The second season of The Walking Dead, an American post-apocalyptic horror television series on AMC, premiered on October 16, 2011, and concluded on March 18, 2012, consisting of 13 episodes. Developed for television by Frank Darabont, the series is based on the eponymous series of comic books by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. It was executive produced by Darabont, Kirkman, Glen Mazzara, David Alpert, and Gale Anne Hurd, with Mazzara assuming the role of showrunner after Darabont’s departure from the series.

The season was well received by critics. It won Best Television Presentation at the 38th Saturn Awards and Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a Series, Miniseries, Movie, or Special at the 64th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards. The season finale was viewed by 9 million viewers, making it the highest-rated episode of the series up to that point and the most viewed episode of an original series on AMC in history, up until the premiere of the series’ third season, which was watched by 10.9 million viewers.

This season adapts material from issues #7–12 of the comic book series and introduces notable comic characters Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) and his daughter, Maggie (Lauren Cohan). Mainly set at the Greene Family Farm, after the escape and destruction of the CDC, the season continues the story of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his group of survivors as they continue to survive in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by flesh-eating zombies, dubbed “walkers”. After leaving Atlanta, Rick and the group are stopped on the highway by a threat unlike anything they have seen before. While searching for someone who has gone missing, the group eventually discovers an isolated farm, where tensions arise among members of the main group, and the mysterious and ignorant inhabitants of the farm, whose secrets and motives are unclear. In the midst of events, Rick and the others try to restore order after a terrible discovery as differences begin to openly erupt between Rick and Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal).

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The Walking Dead Season 2 - TV Series Free Download 📥 - Gamingwap
The Walking Dead Season 2 - TV Series Free Download 📥 - Gamingwap




  • Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, the series’ protagonist and a former sheriff’s deputy from King County, Georgia. He is the husband of Lori and the father of Carl. Rick has taken leadership from Shane after his actions almost killed them in the previous season.
  • Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh, Rick’s close friend and former deputy sheriff. He had a love affair with Lori in the previous season, believing that Rick had died, which has turned into jealousy towards Rick, forming an intense rivalry. Shane is also the main antagonist of the season.
  • Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes, Rick’s emotionally fragile wife and mother of Carl. She had a love affair with Shane in the previous season, which has put her and Shane at odds.
  • Laurie Holden as Andrea, a former civil rights attorney, who has formed a close bond with Dale. She deals with suicidal tendencies after the loss of her sister Amy by trying to contribute more to the group’s safety by becoming a sharpshooter.
  • Jeffrey DeMunn as Dale Horvath, an older member of the group, who owns the RV with which the group travels. He is often the voice of reason and has formed a protectiveness over Andrea. Dale becomes a mentor to the group, especially to Rick and Glenn, and is also a good friend of T-Dog.
  • Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee, a former pizza delivery boy, who saved Rick’s life in the previous season. He is an integral member of the group and does many supply runs for them. Glenn cares very much for the core group of survivors.
  • Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes, Rick and Lori’s young son, whose innocence has slowly declined due to the brutality of the world around him, even wanting to use a firearm.
  • Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, an antihero-like Southern redneck, the group’s hunter, and expert tracker. He is less friendly with the group and maintains a careless facade, but is reasonable enough to fight alongside them when needed and is the most active in the group for the search for Sophia.


After the first season aired, Deadline Hollywood reported that series developer and showrunner Frank Darabont had let go the entire writing staff and planned to use only freelance writers for the second season. This turned out to be not entirely accurate, and Robert Kirkman was quoted as saying the changes to the writing staff would not affect the production of the show. In February 2011, it was announced that Glen Mazzara, who had written the first season episode “Wildfire”, had been hired again as a writer/executive producer for the second season and will put together a staff of five more writers.

At C2E2 members of the cast confirmed that the second season would begin shooting on June 1, 2011, and that Darabont would write the season premiere episode. At the same event, cast members speculated that acclaimed author and long-time Darabont collaborator Stephen King may write an episode. Kirkman later confirmed that along with himself, Darabont and Mazzara the writing staff will consist of Scott M. Gimple, Evan Reilly, Angela Kang and one freelance writer, David Leslie Johnson. Four actors have joined the cast as new characters for season 2—Scott Wilson as Hershel Greene, Lauren Cohan as his daughter Maggie Greene, Pruitt Taylor Vince as Hershel’s ranch hand, Otis, and Michael Zegen as Randall.

A preview of season 2 was shown during the fourth season premiere of Breaking Bad on July 17, 2011 and a full length trailer was released to promote season 2 at the San Diego Comic-Con on July 22, 2011.

In July 2011, Deadline Hollywood reported that Darabont stepped down from his position as showrunner for the series, amidst rumors that he was unable to adjust to the schedule of running a television series. Executive producer Glen Mazzara succeeded Darabont as showrunner for the series. Darabont’s sudden departure further sparked controversy in August when The Hollywood Reporter broke a story revealing that Darabont had in fact been fired due to issues of the show’s reduced budget and a strained relationship with AMC executives.

The premiere aired in an extended 90-minute time slot, similar to the pilot episode. After the first seven episodes aired, the series went on a hiatus and returned on February 12, 2012, with the final six episodes of the season airing until its conclusion on March 18, 2012.


October 16, 2011


The Walking Dead Season 2 Download Files 

  • E01 – “What Lies Ahead”
  • E02 – “Bloodletting”
  • E03 – “Save the Last One”
  • E04 – “Cherokee Rose”
  • E05 – “Chupacabra”
  • E06 – “Secrets”
  • E07 – “Pretty Much Dead Already”
  • E08 – “Nebraska”
  • E09 – “Triggerfinger”
  • E10 – “18 Miles Out”
  • E11 – “Judge, Jury, Executioner”
  • E12 – “Better Angels”
  • E13 – “Beside the Dying Fire”

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The Walking Dead Season 2 - TV Series Free Download 📥 - Gamingwap

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The Walking Dead Season 2 - TV Series Free Download 📥 - Gamingwap

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